Ms. Veronica’s Class

G1 Writing Fun

We began our new writing unit “Writing Reviews” (opinion writing)this Month. We will be learning… How to observe different items closely? How to share our ideas with others?  How to support our ideas? How to respect other friends’ opinions? What can we do if we disagree with other friends’ opinions? How to use different checklistsContinue reading “G1 Writing Fun”

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners

This month is our Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We read the book “Eyes that Kiss in the Corners” to celebrate it. After we finished enjoying the book with our friends. We observe our friends’ eyes and draw them out.

G1 Writing Celebratoin

First graders were having a lot of fun sharing their teaching books with their friends from Ms. Caraballo’s class. We read a lot of amazing teaching books and learn something new from the books. We also got to write a little message to our favorite writer!

Kindergarten- Act Out story book!

We read so many different story books. One way to celebrate our favorite story book is to act it out !


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Health Screening at Home

To facilitate the check in process please complete the health screener prior to arriving at the school, it can be found at or scanning the QR code on this page.


Breakfast time will be from 8:10am – 8:25am

If your child does not need breakfast, please bring them to the school at 8:25am.

Entrance/Exit for pick-up

Exit 5 – on 48th toward 7th; Look for the Orange Pencil Sign

A typical day will include the following activities

All8:10am only for students that need breakfast
All 8:25 – for all students
Please go to the Exit 5 (48th toward 7th) and look for an ORANGE PENCIL Sign to line up
Ms. VeronicaMorning Meeting and Phonics
Reading Workshop
Writing Workshop
Ms. OuProject-based learning (Science and Social Studies)
Chinese Language Arts
Math Workshop
Ms. Bauman/Mr. CruzArt/Physical Education

Here is more important information for the school year:

Change of clothes: Please always two have two sets of clothing in your child’s backpack which including underwear, shirts, pants, and socks labeled with your child’s first and last name in a Ziploc Bag.    

Sneakers: Sneakers should be worn every day. We are extremely active each day, and dress shoes or flip-flops are not appropriate for many of our activities. 

 Please feel free to contact me via classDOJO if you have questions or concerns about your child. 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Dual Chinese Language program! I am very excited to be the English literacy teacher in both kindergarten and 1st grade! Together, we will make at least ten friends, learn hundred of new things, explore thousands of new ideas and have millions of fun memories.

Ms. Veronica

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