Inquiring Minds In Action in K-14

“Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.”  Francis Bacon

An important part of learning at PS 896 is inquiry based learning.  Inquiry based learning is about triggering and activating a child’s curiosity.  Class K-14’s curiosity was triggered one day after reading the book Germs Are Not For Sharing, By Elizabeth Verdick.  This read aloud teaches about the importance of covering coughs and sneezes and for washing our hands.  After reading and much discussion about this topic a question was asked by the students “What would happen if we touch our food without washing our hands?” With this question, our first inquiry was born!   We devised an experiment, where we used cut apples and germy hands to observe, first hand, what would actually happen if we touched our food without washing them.  Over a two week period, we observed the apples touched by unwashed hands and the apples that were untouched.   During this time, we watched the “germy apples” turn black, while the clean apples just turned brown.  After weeks of observing and recording the changes that occurred to our “germy apples”, K-14 came to the conclusion that it was important not to touch food with unwashed hands.  A lesson they will probably remember forever, we might add!

Encourage your child’s questioning and curiosity, for they shall learn much and retain much as a result!

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