About us

Our vision, mission and core values are brought to life by our curriculum design. In a nutshell we are authentic, significant, student-centered and FUN!

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Who we are

Vision and Mission

At P.S. 896 students engage in learning that is authentic, significant, fun, and incorporates 21st-century skills.

Through a student-centered inquiry approach to learning, in a relationship-driven environment, we prepare children to be responsible, resilient, compassionate, and collaborative learners able to engage at the highest levels of discourse.

At P.S. 896 we integrate the content areas and provide our students with enduring understanding and a purposeful application of knowledge. Students will demonstrate future readiness, for global cultural competency and perspective.

Core Values

Our core values are woven into the fabric of our school life. They guide our decision making and help us ensure that all aspects of our school including the curriculum, instruction, activities, and celebrations are in alignment to create a positive school culture.

Intellectual Curiosity: We ask questions, listen closely, discuss, and explore ways to foster creativity and innovation.

Collaboration: We exchange ideas, encourage each other and work together to achieve common goals.

Integrity: We recognize and understand our impact on others. We tell the truth, show respect, are fair and kind and work to create positive change.

Joy: We smile, share our positive energy, find happiness each day and have fun while we learn!

Staff Directory & Class Pages

Administrative and Main Office

Principal: Ruth Rodriguez-Rivera

Assistant Principal: Madeline Sandoval

Secretary: Rita Kwan

Parent Coordinator: Jasmine Soljour

Student ENL Services

ENL teacher: Yimeng Zhou

ENL teacher: Jacqueline Imonode

School-based Support Team

Psychologist: Liliet Chang (Thu, Fri)
Guidance Counselor: Noreen McLaughlin
Speech Therapist: Julia Fisher-Medina
Occupational Therapist: Jamison Hahn
Physical Therapist: Ga Mun Lau (Wed, Fri)

Social Worker: TBD
Custodian: Nick Terrio
School Food Service Manager: Tripodi, Allyssa
Safety Agent: Felix, Aviann
Nurse: TBD

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