Virtual Tour

1: Welcome!

Please take-in the tour stops below and contact us with further questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • 2nd floor teachers

2: Dual Language Program

This is the Chinese Classroom; Click the green arrow above to see the Spanish Dual Language Classroom

Life in the Dual Language Programs…

Our Spanish Dual Language Program: Video Playlist
Our Chinese Dual Language Classroom: Video Playlist

3: Physical Education

PE class in the multipurpose room – 360º Image
  • student with balloon
  • Students in PE
3 Videos about PE at SCI

4: Classrooms

Playlist Features: Self-contained, 2nd grade, ICT & Kindergarten

5: Multipurpose Room

In our Multipurpose room students share nutritious meals and participate in their Physical Education Class. The Multipurpose room is also where our school community host events and celebrations.

Multipurpose room – 360º Images
Lunar New Year Celebration
Holiday Celebration 2019

6: Art Classroom

Art Classroom
Playlist: Ms. Bauman and 2 students introduce the Arts Program

7: Pre K Classroom

PreK Classroom & PreK Cubbies

Playlist Contents: 2 teachers and a Pre K Student

8: Outdoor Space

9: Safety During COVID

Safety Protocols During COVID

10: Remote Learning Spaces

Remote Learning Phonics Lesson

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