Introducing the SCI wellness blog

Welcome to the SCI wellness blog. Please check for monthly updates about how you and your family can stay keep healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Each month we will have a new theme and post ideas for food, fitness, and social emotional wellness. Check back for updates and pictures of how we are all working on staying healthy and happy so we can keep learning and growing.

This months theme: Hispanic Heritage month and Autumn Festival

As you know many members of our community are from Latin America or China. In honor of these our wellness posts will help us work on our health while learning more about these places


Healthy food can be delicious, easy and fun to make. Take a look at some of these yummy options to celebrate hispanic heritage month and mid-autumn festival.

Healthy recipes for Hispanic heritage monthHealthy recipes for autumn festival
Healthy Latin American recipesAutumn festival recipes


You don’t have to run miles and miles to be physically fit. Any movement from cleaning to playing games to simple stretches to dancing counts! Here are some fun options good for the whole family to celebrate histpanic heritage and autumn fest.

salsa dance tutorial  

traditional Chinese games and activities

Social emotional health

intro to read alouds
Dumpling Dreams video                    Marisol Mcdonald does not match
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