Class 201-Week of Nov 15 to 19, 2021

This week the class 201 continued exploring pumpkin in many different ways. We learned that some pumpkins are small and some pumpkins are really, really big. We also learned a pumpkin is a fruit, not a vegetable.  There are many types of pumpkins such as cinderella pumpkin, peanut pumpkin, gourds, baby boo, urban squash, and many more. 

Exploring Pumpkin

Last week, we measured the height of the pumpkin. This week, class 201 measured the width of the pumpkin and documented their finding in the booklet. After we finished our measurement, we compared and contrast our height and width with pumpkin, and find out the differences.

The class 201 also learned about the Life cycle of a pumpkin. We cut out the pictures of each stage and glued them in correct order in our booklet.

The class 201 explored the inside of the hybrid pam pumpkin by cutting it open. Before we cut it open, Ms. Jenny invited everyone to make a prediction about what’s inside the hybrid pam pumpkin. We also completed the sink vs float experiment with different materials, included sticks, pumpkin seeds, rocks, plastic straw, and more.

At last, we documented our findings from the experiments and completed our pumpkin investigation booklet.

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