Adult Education Classes at PS 896 – Summer 2022!

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Adult Education in collaboration with PS 896, School of Creativity and Innovation
736 48th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Classes Coming Soon!

Highlights of Adult Education Classes

  • The classes are free for anyone who 21 and older and live in the 5 boroughs
  • There is no cost to the School of Creativity and Innovation (K896)
    • All permits for school spaces, custodial, and safety agents are paid by Adult Education – District 79
    • Teacher salaries are paid by Adult Education – District 79
  • The School of Creativity and Innovation (K896) teachers can apply for teacher per session positions in Adult Education
  • Class hours
    • Day classes (Monday through Friday) – 15 to 20 hours per week is recommended
    • Evening classes (Monday through Friday) – 10 hours a week is recommended
    • Saturday classes – 5 hours a week is recommended
    • No Sunday classes

Expectations for Opening a Site

  • Classes will be open to the community at large
  • Must have an interest list of students of at least 20-25 for each class
  • One or more classrooms must be available for Adult Ed use. Each classroom must be large enough to hold at least 20-25 adult students
  • Site must have space that is conducive to learning 
  • Example: Adult size furniture, usage of restroom
  • Supervisor/support staff/ teacher must have use of a desk with a phone and internet access.
  • Storage space must be available for teacher materials
  • Must be a collaboration as far as outreach

Please see below the DOE Visitor Policy which address COVID-19 Vaccine requirements (From the NYC DOE InfoHub –

Visitor Policy

Currently New York City is at a high level of COVID-19 transmission. During this time, schools should limit nonessential visitors coming into the building during the school day. Schools are encouraged, where possible, to address visitor and parent concerns by phone or computer. Principals and designated staff may conduct meetings remotely where possible.

In order to protect staff and students in DOE buildings, all visitors wishing to enter DOE school buildings must show proof of having at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. Children/infants who are not yet age-eligible for a COVID vaccine are permitted to enter a DOE building and are not required to show proof of vaccine. Please note that visitors do not include students attending school or school-related activities in a DOE building, including adult students participating in D79, YABC, or DYCD programs.

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