We have been busy in 2022! In our class we have had many celebrations like, Hispanic Heritage Month. We also explored different holidays that families might celebrate in December(Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza) we won the holiday door decorating contest. (We have to vote on a pizza party or extra recess time)

In Kindergarten (writing) students are now focusing on How-To books. They are learning to think of a topic, say the steps across pages and the. Sketch and write their words. For math, students just finished the unit on 2-dimensional and 3D shapes. Students are now exploring measurement- longer/shorter. Students are comparing objects and identifying which object is longer or shorter. This week students will also explore weight and capacity. For phonics, students have been practicing letter formation of lowercase letters and letter sounds. This week, they will begin to tap out cvc words like (sad, mad, sip, sit).

Math centers
Learning about shapes.

The first grade has finished their how-to unit in writing and has started a nonfiction unit- All About Books. Students are looking at nonfiction books thinking about topics they know a lot about. In math, first grade are using strategies for adding and subtracting within 20. Students are using strategies they are more comfortable using. In phonics students will begin identifying ending sounds- ang-ing-ung.

Math centers
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