Happy New Year- More fun learning to come!

We ended the year with a writing celebration for our Non-fiction pieces. The students worked so hard on their writing and have made significant progress. We started our new unit which is on opinion writing. This will be fun as the students have already started off with great ideas. Some of the students have been writing about their favorite book characters and some have been writing about their favorite things.

Our class has continued to show progress in Math. Mrs. Willis is teaching time to her group of students and Mrs. Legaspi started Module 4 (Addition and Subtraction within 200) with her group.

We started learning about Polar Bears for project time. Our class watched videos and read about them and even saw a live video of the polar bears in Antartica. To end our project time unit, the students will be making their own bear. We started creating some of the features and will continue next week.

For the month of January:

  1. We will be learning about Chinese New Year and learn a song about the holiday.
  2. Math- Grade 3/4 : Learning about Time. Grade 2: Learning how to add and subtract within 200 with Word problems to 100.
  3. Writing: Opinion Writing
  4. SEL (Social Emotional Learning) We have been incorporating SEL in our morning meetings. The students have been listening or reading books about different situations and discussing them. Our goal is for our students to be able to express their feelings but also to understand the feelings of their peers.
  5. Reading: Reading books on figurative language. Ex: Books that contains idioms, cliches, homophones ect.
  6. Phonics: Students are on Unit 2 of Fundations and week 10 on Heggerty. They have also been working in small groups and practicing their sounds and spelling.