Springing into March

Our class has been doing many fun learning during the past few weeks and going into the month of March. As mentioned in the previous post, we started a few new units for math, reading, and writing. This month, we will be wrapping up some of those units. The students are enjoying the poetry unit and have been writing so many great poems. We’ve also been reading different poems during Read Aloud and analyzing them. Both groups for math are learning how to add and subtract numbers using place value units with place value disks/Base ten blocks.

In addition to the fun learning, our students have been included in three exciting residency programs that will continue throughout the rest of the school year. The first programs is S’cool Music where they are learning how to play the recorder. The second program is during their art period where a resident artist will be teaching them how to create cool art projects and the third is Sunset Spark where they will be doing many STEAM related activities!

What to look forward to in March:

  1. Project Base Learning will be on our Community. The students have been reading books on different communities and discussing ways on how we can represent and contribute to it. Recently, the class took a walking trip to Sunset Park where the students looked for different representations of our community. Then they sat in the park and drew what they saw.

2. Writing: We will be wrapping up our Poetry Unit in a few weeks and will share the poems that the students have wrote.

3. Math: Ms. Willis group will start their Module on Multiplication and Division. Ms. Legaspi’s group will continue to learn adding and subtracting using different strategies and manipulatives.

4. Parent Teacher Conference will be on March 9th, 2023. If you have not done so, please schedule your time with Ms. Willis.

If you have any questions or need support for any of the above, please feel free to contact Ms. Willis and I.

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