Mid-Autumn Festival

In our class, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival through a series of activities, including lantern-making and more. It was a delightful experience as students collaborated with their peers to craft and adorn these lanterns, resulting in a joyful and enjoyable celebration.

What’s in Our Community?

In our class, we explored the various elements within our community. As an engaging activity, each student selected a local place of interest and worked with their peers to create a visual representation of it through drawings.

Field Day

Our First Grade friends had a thrilling field day! It was a day filled with laughter and joy as we enjoyed the event with our families and friends. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the parent volunteers for their invaluable support, which contributed to the success of the Field Day. Thank youContinue reading “Field Day”

First Grade-New York Aquarium Trip

Our class had an amazing field trip to the New York Aquarium. We had the opportunity to explore different marine animals and their habitats, which was really interesting and fascinating. The sea lion show was a standout moment, where we not only enjoyed the entertainment but also learned about the significance of protecting the environmentContinue reading “First Grade-New York Aquarium Trip”