Mrs. William and Ms. Cooper’s Class

Week of May 31-June 3

At the beginning of this week, our first graders collaborated and celebrated their published writing review pieces with Miss Abby’s first graders. They are super excited to start writing fiction pieces now! Our Kindergarten friends have published and celebrated their all about writing pieces. They have been working on paying closer attention to punctuation inContinue reading “Week of May 31-June 3”

Week of May 9th-13th

This week was full of learning experiences and so much fun! We started our study of plants this week and enjoyed spending time observing the garden in our school yard. Our kindergarten friends have been practicing reading their nonfiction books with their reading partner and then sharing facts about their topic. Our First grade friendsContinue reading “Week of May 9th-13th”

Week of April 25th-29th

Our scholars had a great first week back from spring break and were feeling refreshed and energized to begin new reading and writing units. First graders celebrated the closure of their “All about” writing unit with their peers as well as other first grade friends from Ms. Solano’s class. Kindergarteners finished publishing their persuasive writingContinue reading “Week of April 25th-29th”

Week of April 4th-8th

Happy Spring K/1 family! This week we focused on phonics instruction and increased our sight word knowledge as well as improved our sentence structure. We are continuing to work on decoding words by engaging in different, fun stations during Phonics time.

Week of March 14th-18th

Hello K/1 families! Kindergarten has started a new reading unit: Avid Readers. Our kindergarten friends are learning about different tools and strategies to make reading lots of fun! The kids are having reading play dates with each other and helping teach one another how to solve tricky words. We’ve also started our guided reading groupsContinue reading “Week of March 14th-18th”


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Ms. Coooper and Ms. William

Welcome Parents!


Meet Mrs. William

My name is Magda William, and this will be my first year at the School of Creativity and Innovation.

During my studies I’ve learned about inquiry based learning approach and had opportunity to gain eight years of experience incorporating the theory into practice.

My goal as an Educator is to nurture my students, make them feel comfortable to share their thoughts and to create an environment that feels like home.

It was my desire to be part of a creative school, where I can connect my passion for inquiry based learning with academics for our students success. I am beyond excited to join the team and work together with wonderful teachers and parents.

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