Mrs. William and Ms. Cooper’s Class

week 14 william

Week 14!

Hello K/1 family, happy Friday. Today we celebrated pajama day and showed our school spirit. Our scholars had such a fun day learning in their most comfortable pajamas and engaging in the holiday freeze dance! This week we returned to the classroom and the kids showed their perseverance and determination throughout the entire week. OurContinue reading “Week 14!”

Week 10!

Hello friends and family, we have come to the close of week 10. This week our scholars have been practicing word and sentence dictations in Fundations. The more we practice, the stronger readers and writers they will become! They’ve also learned the difference between digraphs and blends, which they will now use that knowledge toContinue reading “Week 10!”

Week 9!

Hello friends and family, happy Friday and happy week 9 of the 2021 school year! We had such a great week continuing to grow our brains and make them stronger. Our scholars are becoming increasingly confident in their ability to tap cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words in order to help them spell and read. This week weContinue reading “Week 9!”

Week 7!

Our scholars had another great week filled with lots of fun and learning. Today was especially fun as we celebrated Halloween with some spooky themed freeze dances for brain breaks. Today our scholars also celebrated their published writing pieces, I was so proud of all them working so hard to revise and edit their storiesContinue reading “Week 7!”

Week 6!

Hello K/1 family and friends! Another amazing learning week comes to an end. During project time, our friends have shown how creative and innovative they truly are. They have used blocks to build rollercoasters as well as create zombie invasions! Some of our friends used macaroni and glue to make fun art projects. While othersContinue reading “Week 6!”


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Ms. Coooper and Ms. William

Welcome Parents!


Meet Mrs. William

My name is Magda William, and this will be my first year at the School of Creativity and Innovation.

During my studies I’ve learned about inquiry based learning approach and had opportunity to gain eight years of experience incorporating the theory into practice.

My goal as an Educator is to nurture my students, make them feel comfortable to share their thoughts and to create an environment that feels like home.

It was my desire to be part of a creative school, where I can connect my passion for inquiry based learning with academics for our students success. I am beyond excited to join the team and work together with wonderful teachers and parents.

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