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Class 301- Music Residency

We learned two musical notes, B and A from Mr. Ru. We learned how to play a song, “BLUE” and…

Chinese Level 1 Celebration

This week we had our Chinese Level 1 Celebration, each group represents different topics, including fruits and vegetables (水果和蔬菜), animals(动物),…

Welcome to Class 301

Good luck going back to school! You’re going to love second and third grade! We made our bookmarks this week…

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Curriculum Highlights

  • Chinese Literacy: We will explore different Chinese genres together, including non-fiction, fiction, mysteries, and poetry.
  • Math Workshop: Different math workshop will be offered based on state math standard.
  • Project Based Learning: PBL is a teaching method in which our students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects. This year we will explore the following topics: community, fall leaves, daylight saving, science…

Meet Ms. Zhao

Welcome to my class. My name is Ms. Zhao. Nice to meet you!

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