Our Sixth Week of School!

This week, the children celebrated Mixed Up Day by dressing up in backwards clothing, mismatched socks and crazy patterns. The results were amazing! So many children dressed up and really got into the Mixed up Day spirit. It was a great day for the students, as they were all very excited to see the unique clothing  ideas their friends came up with.

The children are still hard at work practicing how to write and say the letters of the alphabet. Our Phonics instruction is a time the children truly look forward to, as they are engaged in both group and individual work, as well as physical movement.

Additionally, the children have been continuously working on their Project Time creations. We spent some time this week in our school backyard, observing the plants that are growing and collecting leaves to use in our projects later on. Some students have chosen to work on one project over a period of time, making alterations and improvements each day, while others are drawn to the idea of creating several new things in a week.

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