Week of 10/12/21-10/15/21

Happy Friday K/1 family, we’ve had another successful week of school! This week during Fundations time scholars were given their whiteboards and journals to practice their letter formation. Every student did such a great job forming their letters. We also use Fundations time to engage in sound drills, students echo letter names, keywords, and letter sounds (A-apple-/a/). Very soon all of our students will be experts at naming each letter sound which will then help them become stronger readers and writers!

Today we also read our social emotional learning (SEL) book of the month: “I’m Happy-Sad Today.” After enjoying the read aloud, we discussed how it’s normal for everyone to feel many big emotions all at once, and while that may be confusing at times, it is completely normal. We then shared our own experiences with feeling more than one emotion at once and what we like to do to help us feel better!

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the families for sending in loose parts and nature materials! Our scholars truly enjoy using their creativity to make new innovations during our exploration time. This leads to meaningful discussions and helps the scholars further develop their social and developmental skills.

Enjoy the slide show of your children engaging in their work tasks this week!

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